The 4 major factors to consider while buying a Sherwani

While the myth says that men don’t like to shop much, the fact says that they shop as much as any woman. What they don’t like is to go to hundreds of store to find one piece of cloth, to wear for some 6-7 hours of the day. Men are spontaneous with shopping and have legit no amount of patience to choose one outfit out of 40 similar ones. So, here are a few tips for all the men out there who would like to buy Indian sherwani at any point of time, and will still have no amount of patience to examine the right one for himself.

The quality of the cloth of sherwani
Focus on the quality of your sherwani, my dear men! While most of the men think that they won’t be wearing it on a regular basis, so they can buy a cheap low-quality product. Well, don’t! You might wear it once in a blue moon, but that’s the essence of party dresses. A superior quality cloth will be used for a longer time, and it enhances the beauty of the outfit. You wouldn’t be buying a new sherwani for every occasion that you have to be a part of, so better make a wise choice about its cloth quality.

The pro tip is to spend some extra buck and not compromise on the quality of the outfit.

The matter of colour
How often will you think about the colour of your sherwani you are going to buy? Once or twice, perhaps. You must think about it for more than that. Around 60% of men won’t even try out the outfit before buying, but why? You have to spare some 10 minutes of your life to at least try the outfit. The trial will not just tell you about the fitting of the sherwani, but also about how the colour of the sherwani compliments your complexion. Choose a colour that will look good at the time of the day you will be wearing it. You wouldn’t want to go around a place wearing something that doesn’t suit your complexion? Or would you?

The pro tip is to buy a classic colour that will never go out of fashion.

The fitting of size and pattern
As you try the sherwani, the trial will make you aware of the needed fitting of the outfit. Whether the outfit has to loosen up or need further fitting, you will know. Also, the pattern should fit your body type too! Your chosen sherwani will have a kind, and pattern of its own and not every type of sherwani can suit you. While the type should suit you, the pattern should enhance its type since you do not have an ideal body type. Or do you?

The pro tip is to buy a sherwani with padded shoulder if you have a slim body type.

Know the bottom
Before you finalise the sherwani, know the bottom of it. What if it has a slim-fit bottom which will not compliment your body type? Or a harem pant, which you will not like to wear because of how uncomfortable it would be to you? Even if you are not trying the bottom of the sherwani, you must know its type and your comfort zone to wear it for a longer time. No matter how much you love the coat of the sherwani, the bottom should not make you averse it.

The pro-tip is to check the quality of the bottom material too.

Go and grab that piece in a minute now. Happy shopping men!

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  1. What a well-written blog with a great beginning. I liked the way the writer has presented the ideas. The writer has tried to connect with the readers. The cherry on the top is the pro-tips given by the writer after every tip.
    In short, it is worth reading this blog.

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