Perfect match: How to accessories for day date

Whenever it comes to style and fashion for date , dress and makeup comes first in one’s mind. However just dressing well and applying a proper makeup is not enough for the date for which one has been waiting so long. One needs proper matching accessories for that trendy look.
When everyone is going for designer dresses, it is very much possible that most of us will end up looking the same. The way one selects accessories adds the sense of exclusivity and individualism to one’s style. Accessories play very important role and hence one must pay enough attention to them. Right kind of accessories can add lot more colour and drama in an otherwise dull & bland dressing.
No dress is complete without a proper handbag. One must have a good collection of both formal and casual purses to suit all occasion. It is important that one’s collection range has variety of different size and colour. It is important that one keeps some neutral colours like black, brown and grey which goes with almost all dresses. However one can experiment with colours as per the dress one is planning to wear for the date.
The next important accessory in line is the jewellery and one must have a good collection of earrings, rings and bracelets to suit all occasions and matching the outfit. One’s jewellery must be classy to match with one’s party wear. A dangler or a lovely bracelet or good necklace is a sure shot way to attract attention, when one is going for little dull clothes. Diamond and pearls are great and look good for business parties and formal occasions.
One can do lot of experimentation with junk jewelleries commonly available in market. They look very trendy and go very well for casual dressing and parties. An outstanding beads necklace, or a bright jute handbag or a wood dangler can add much-needed glamour to the otherwise casual picnic dressing. These junk jewelleries add colour and one can use them to highlight one’s personality and style.
Scarf adds some excitement in a dull corporate dressing. One can change the look dramatically by tying the scarf, round the neck or around. One must keep a range of scarf that can go well with formal as well as casual occasions.
One must boast decent collection of three to four watches to suit different occasion. A sporty watch will look out of the place with your perfectly formal party wear.
However the golden rule with these accessories is that remains one must not overdo it. The accessories must complement looks and should not dictate one’s looks. So be little careful not to put every nice piece of jewellery and accessories from one’s collection else one will end up looking out of place. It must go well with the dress and suit the occasion. One should not wear something that one cannot carry well and it is important to be comfortable with the accessories also.

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