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If you haven’t bought these yet, you can’t be fashionaholic : 10 must haves in a fashion freak wardrobe

Building a wardrobe that is both comfortable and fashionable is so helpful in everyday life. Simple and comfortable clothes look amazing together. There are some clothing that you absolutely need ready and waiting in your closet. These are the must-haves, irrespective of your style — the wardrobe essentials. To be categorized a wardrobe essential; an article of clothing has to have several important attributes. An essential wardrobe makes a statement, and anyone looking at you should be able to tell that it’s top shelf. These garments, like everything in your closet, should have all the qualities because they form the basis of your stylish wardrobe. Being versatile is the essential quality of a piece of clothing. One prime factor in versatility is color. They also must work with different outfits. The 10 must haves in a fashion freak wardrobe are:

# Blazer or Versatile Jacket

Blazer or Versatile Jacket

You can wear a blazer comfortably and fashionably with either open or closed options, and you have the choice of wearing it over dresses or skirts, as well as pants.

# Black Jeans

Black Jeans

A pair of skinny black pants or black jeans is the easiest thing to wear as they match with just about everything.

# Quality blue jeans

Quality blue jeans

Everyone should have a pair of favorite jeans, the kind of jeans that make you feel fashionable, pulled together, and comfortable. These jeans should be in accordance with the current style and the cut should be one that accentuates your looks.

# Crisp, white button-down shirt 


You have various options of wearing a white shirt. You can either wear the shirt on its own, tucked in or out, under a sweater, under a jacket, or as part of a suit. Whether formal or more casual, the white shirt is generally made of cotton.

# Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress

It should be well-made and should fit like a glove. It should hide your flaws and accentuate your style. Pearls and Pumps make black dress simple yet classy.

# Knee-length black skirt

length black skirt

very woman should have in her wardrobe a knee-length black skirt that fits perfectly and gives her a slim and lean appearance. It could be a pencil skirt or an A-line skirt. To use it from season to season, look for one that’s lightweight wool.

# Classic beige trench coat

A classic beige trench coat is always in vogue and you can wear it in just about any season. Choose the style and length that gives you the desired look.

# Black leather bag

A black leather bag is a perfect everywhere bag, a bag you can carry to work, to lunch or dinner. It goes well with everything, and you’ll feel comfortable using it with whatever color or prints you may be wearing.

# White and black cardigan sweaters
You can always casually throw the cardigan over your shoulders and tie around your neck.

# Set of pearls

Set of pearls

A set of pearls acts as a beautiful accent to any outfit.

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