Great Tips for Hair and Makeup on the Wedding Day

Needless to say, every bride desires to shine like a star on the most special day –Wedding. Looking amazing and stunning for the groom is a priority, and being remembered as the most beautiful bride to walk down the aisle is something brides wish for. While the radiant smile on your face and the happiness of the wedding help in starting wonderfully, there are a few things that will help in glowing you with superb beauty. These include the right hair and makeup, plus a few tips and tricks to help you go along.

Your hair and makeup will enhance your natural loveliness, and conceal some of those undesirable effects of stressful wedding preparations. It is important to choose the right bridal makeup artist, as well as the stylist for your bridal hair, as your total look will depend on how well your stylist and makeup artist works on you.

Choosing The Stylist And The Hairstyle – Before even beginning to pick out a professional stylist, it will be helpful to look into wedding magazines and search for photos of hairstyles that you would want to wear on your special day. Choose hairstyles that have the same length as yours.

After you have decided on what you want, schedule an appointment with a particular stylist that you are considering. When meeting with the stylist, bring photos with you. Discuss with the stylist the style of your wedding gown, its neckline, as well as the veil and headpiece you would be wearing. Also, talk about your hair’s length and your face’s shape– these will be important factors with regards to the most suitable hairstyle for you.

If the stylist can provide you with pictures of previous brides they have handled, then it is better. This will help you decide if you like how the stylist does his/her job and if you are comfortable with it. Do not forget to schedule two appointments –a trial run and the wedding day.

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Choosing The Makeup Artist – Most brides like everything to be left on experts on their wedding day. The good thing about hair and makeup is they always go together. If you are considering a hairstylist, think about getting one whose salon will provide makeup artists as well. This will make everything more convenient, as you can get things done in just one place.

Take notice of the makeup artist’s style of makeup. Some tend to overdo it and the bride ends up looking like she is going to a wild night party. Nevertheless, if you have picked out a makeup artist, you will also want to have a trial run of the wedding makeup that the artist plans to use on you. This way, you are sure that when the wedding day comes, you have all the confidence that you are going to be looking like a stunning celebrity bride.

Tips And Tricks For Perfect Looks – You may want to be looking glowing throughout the occasion, so to fulfill the desire, you may want to consider having some of these along with you on the occasion.

Long-lasting lipstick –your wedding day will be busy, and you may want to have that lipstick lasting until the end of the reception. You may request your makeup artist to use this type of lipstick on you. You may also want to have one stashed on your cute little purse for a retouch. Just practice applying it evenly as it is hard to remove once it is applied.

Waterproof eye-makeup –you will probably end up crying at your wedding, so make sure that your eye-makeup will not smudge –or you will end up looking like a zombie.

Spot checker – you may want to tell your maid of honor or a person close to you to check you out once in a while, and let you know if you need a retouch.

Stash backups –make sure you have a kit stashed in a special place, a bathroom in your reception area perhaps, so you would easily be able to beat down messed-up hair, stocking runs, shiny nose, etc.

The perfect hair and makeup on your wedding day can make you the perfect looking bride as well. Just keep in mind something that goes very well with these two –relax! A “relaxed” bride will always be a beautiful bride. At the end of the day, you are still going to end up married; the rest is simply cherry on ice cream!

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