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A Guide To Men’s Formal Wear

Men always wish to look good when donning formal wear for their corporate events. Whether getting dressed for a job interview, first date, or party, it is essential to assemble your ensemble appropriately. Some men have a penchant for men’s fashion while the rest of us struggle with doubt as to whether we have accomplished our goal of looking sharp. Formal wear refers to the clothes that are appropriate for official social events such as dinner, weddings, dance, race or parties. Many people do not usually wear formal wear until they get an invitation to a special occasion that calls for formal dressing.
Here are some things that men should remember while dressing up formally:

  • Dress code- Make sure you are aware of the dress code at your workplace. Most companies have drafted dress codes that specify what you can wear to the office, as well as what not. Make sure you follow what’s written in that policy.
  • Check what others are wearing – Very important. Be attentive during the lunch break and try to observe what your colleagues are wearing. It should provide you useful clues to help you in your corporate wardrobe selection.
  • Don’t overdress – never go to your office / corporate event overdressed. Especially if your boss is also around. You certainly don’t need to offend your boss, just because you have bought yourself a pricey suit!
  • Look for Good Deals – Always look for discounts and deals on formal wear and accessories. Most superstores, as well as brands, have “sale” periods when they offer huge discounts /deals on various types of clothes, formal wear included.
  • Wear a formal tie to spruce up your look- The tie is one of the essential piece of formal accessories you can wear, but the wrong one can make you set you apart from the crowd like a bad haircut. When adding style and class to your wardrobe, always remember the key is to be subtle. A muted blue, silver or solid black tie is the safest bet when you are trying to compliment your outfit. Add a spare stripe or subtle pattern, and you give your attire just enough personality to stand out from the crowd.
  • Add accessories like cufflink-A cufflink is the only accessory you can truly be bold with. Custom cufflinks add a personal touch to your attire that is one-of-a-kind and indeed shows off your personality. These cufflinks also allow you to add a bit of color to your ensemble that is subtle, but able to help you stand out from the crowd and draw the attention of everyone when you enter the room.

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