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9 wardrobe changes that can change your look from a boy to a man

Are you ready to transform your dressing sense that can make you look a few years older? Good dressing can definitely make people around you notice you and treat you with more maturity. Here are 9 tips to change your overall look to that of a well-dressed man:

1. Discard your older clothes.

Before buying new clothing, discard the clothes that make you look like a boy. This could mean getting rid of boy stuff like sweatshirts, sweatpants, baseball caps, and your cool tees.

2. Start with your shoes.

The style sense of every man is judged by the quality of his shoes. A classic pair of formal leather shoes with shine can complement your overall look. Be ready to shell out extra money for a good pair of shoes that will last you for a long time.

3. Pay no attention to fashion trends.

Avoid fashion styles that are seasonal or will last only for the next few years. Opt for classic clothing that complements your personality and can be worn for long.

4. Get a decent suit.

Your wardrobe is not complete without a classic 2-piece or 3-piece suit. Ensure that your suit fits you well and can be worn with a variety of shirts.

5. Go for white and blue-coloured shirts.

White and light blue colours suit many personality styles. Complete your wardrobe with some classic-coloured shirts. This does not mean that you should not have clothing of other colours.

6. Stick to dark-coloured jeans with proper fitting.

Casual jeans keep changing in styles. Opt for a pair of dark-coloured and well-stitched jeans of good quality. Wear these jeans with light-coloured T-shirt or semi-casual shirt.

7. Wear some stylish shirts.

Avoid wearing T-shirt with graphic prints or oversized shirts of cheap fabric quality. Replace these boy tops with some stylish short-sleeved buttoned shirts or Polo tees in smart colours.
8. Invest in some smart trousers.

Smart-looking trousers with proper fitting can complete your look at formal and social occasions. These comfortable trousers can give you a unique look in a young crowd.

9. Other makeover tips

Along with your wardrobe, you can complete your makeover with some stylish pair of shades, a complementing hairstyle, and some fresh cologne.

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