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3 Things to Consider when Buying a Saree

The saree is such a fascinating Indian wear. It has not only captivated the Indian mind but it has bewildered people internationally. Saree is an attire that has a very ethnic, traditional, yet modern appeal across young and old. Lets examine the things to determine before buying a saree.


Sarees comes in a wide assortment of fabrics from georgette, chiffon, cotton, silk, artsilk, crepe, kanjeevarams, handloom and more. The type of fabric in a saree can surprisingly make a woman look taller, slender, wider or petite. Sarees fabric should be chosen according to the season. Cotton and khadi are extremely comfortable in the scorching heat of the Indian summer. So look for the right fabric. The feel of the fabric should give comfortable on your skin. Generally heavy silk sarees from Tamil Nadu or West Bengal will make feel even hotter in the summers. Hence choose your saree’s fabric wisely and according to the season in which you’re going to wear it. Also take notice of the weave of the fabric. Thickness of the weave can help you understand if you should wear the saree in winter or in summer. Kanjeevarams are heavy silk sarees so wearing them in the winter and choose thin silk sarees to wear them comfortably in the summers.


Embroidery work, zari work, stone work or heavy work what do you prefer in your drape. If you have a lean physical appearance, choose small, polka dotted sparkle embellishments all over the bodice of the saree. If you have a petite frame draw attention to the hues and pattern on the saree and wear light embroidered saree. If you are extra lean choose heavy embroidered Banarasi silk sarees. If you are well endowed physically wear light embellishment worked sarees, but emphasie on designer blouse to play your fashion game.


Prints are a mirror to your mindset for the day. They reflect about your personality, activity statuses, mood and behaviours. Here are some quick tips on how to advance your print game in the saree that will make you stand out at a party. If you are well endowed avoid big and bold prints, however, floral is the best. Infact when in confusion go for floral. For traditional women paisley prints do the magic. If you are young or experimental opt for geometric, neon, calligraphic prints-the ideal look for the contemporary woman.

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